"If You Could Change One Thing About Comics, What Would It Be?" (submitted by femmebotshaveemotion)

If it counts, I wish I could change most fans.  Whenever I talk about comics to somebody I feel as if they are only judging me.  Every word I say is wrong.

And I think it’d be nice if noir was a more popular style in comic books.

"How I got into comics" by H. Savinien, age 25

I love heroes and heroines.  I’ve loved them since before I knew superheroes existed.  I read every version of Robin Hood and King Arthur and every book of mythology I could get my hands on as a kid.  A boy in kindergarten told me about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men, but my parents didn’t hold with TV, so I never got to explore them.  They were geeky enough to foster it in my brothers and I, though.  Star Trek was on the approved list of TV shows and Star Wars in 2nd grade or so was a revelation.

Our public library was pretty good, but they didn’t really believe in comics beyond some Peanuts and Garfield collections in the dark back corner of the Juvenile Fiction section.  Somehow, it was understood, comics didn’t really count.  I don’t know who changed their minds in the library hierarchy, but suddenly…  There were TinTin and Asterix, who had adventures just as bizarre as the Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet, Lizard Music, and Outlaws of Sherwood.  They were funny and they had pictures, but they weren’t picture books.  A few years later, my brothers and I were very excited when the library picked up huge newsprint anthologies of early Superman, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Batman, and X-Men comics.  Even better!  There were rocket ships and awesome costumes (bear in mind I was about 10) and wisecracking.  The female characters sometimes weren’t that great and I was smart enough to know that the dialogue sucked a lot, but still, they were cool!  Clark Kent (even as Superman) was kind of boring, but Dick Grayson was funny and Peter Parker was very relatable.  Then there was Kitty Pride, who had an actual dragon and could step through walls and fly a plane.  Kurt Wagner was a dashing swashbuckler just like in the old stories plus he could teleport!  They had long detailed story-lines, and I could be “better” at comics than my brothers (I was older; this was always desireable) by remembering names and powers and histories.

I was homeschooled from 4th-8th grade and got a very good education out of it, but ended up an incredibly geeky highschooler, luckily with a protective shield of similarly geeky but more social friends.  It was the time of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.  I rediscovered comics in the Elfquest series, Sailor Moon, and Saint Tail (thank you Japanophile friend), but always kept that fondness for superheroes, grabbing every Batman and X-Men collection that the library picked up.

In college, I became more self-confident in my geekery and started actively seeking out specific titles and characters, and came to the conclusion that I was missing a lot in the hit and miss library collections.  Since then, I have acted as volunteeer comic/graphic novel advisor for my hometown public library and become a collection management librarian in my own right in a different library. I’m putting together some good collections, I think, choosing titles for various ages that highlight strong stories and fun characters.

In my personal life I haven’t put together more than a tiny collection so far, but I’m working on it, starting with Blue Beetles, old-school Booster Gold, and Birds of Prey.

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Batman Princess

When asked what she wanted to be for Halloween, Mabel said “Batman Princess,” so that’s exactly the costume her mom made. This is the best thing ever in the history of everything.



Batman Princess

When asked what she wanted to be for Halloween, Mabel said “Batman Princess,” so that’s exactly the costume her mom made. This is the best thing ever in the history of everything.

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How I got into comics (Submitted by drunkenbookworm)

My interest in comics grew gradually over the past 3 or 4 years and is mostly the result of peer pressure. It started when I read an article listing Rob Liefeld’s worst drawings. I laughed for days but still felt as though I could never be a “comic book geek.” At roughly the same time my online friend circle widen and everyone was reading graphic novels. I would randomly ask for suggestions and then look up them up on wikipedia. I’d go to my comic book store with a list of things I might want to try. It took at least 2 graphic novel series before I realized that this would be more than a passing fancy. The more I read, the more suggestions seem to come my way. Now my trade paperback and monthlies stacks are growing and I am still interested in finding new and interesting comics. 


Photo by Joe Green


Photo by
Joe Green

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What is your favorite comic? (Submitted by H. Savinien)

I’m not sure whether you mean here favorite comic issue, story, or title, which makes it a little tricky.  I don’t follow current titles too closely.  Most of my comic-book reading is done via libraries, especially since I’m the purchasing librarian at a library in a town with no comic-book shops nearby, but access to a lot of other libraries’ materials. 

I tend to get fed up with titles and mostly follow strong characters, often in series that were cancelled before I ever found them.  My current superhero favorites are the original JLI series and the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle series, both of which are made up of yay and win, largely because the characters rock.  I enjoyed the first Kate Kane Batwoman collection a lot - the art rocked and the story really opened her up to a lot of possibilities.  “No Man’s Land” is too cool to even begin to quantify, but the bits focusing on Gordon’s Blue Boys (and girls) were probably my favorites.  I love cop stuff for a lot of the same reasons I love superhero stuff; done well, it’s people trying to make the world better and protect those who can’t protect themselves.  (I wanted to be a Knight of the Round Table when I was a kid, which kinda still shows.)

For more indie stuff, I love Castle Waiting by Linda Medley.  The story and worldbuilding are interesting and the characters are snarky and fun.  Not so much-on-the-spot action, but plenty of exciting character histories to go through still.  I own v.1 and 2, and am greatly anticipating more.  Cairo by G. Willow Wilson (published by Vertigo, so sorta indie but not really) is an awesome adventure mixing modern-day regional conflict with Egyptian and Islamic mythology.

For manga, I like humor and/or interesting critiques of gender/sexuality.  One of my current favorites is the Ooku series by Fumi Yoshinaga.  I’ve only read v. 1-5 so far, but I’m planning to get hold of the rest ASAP.  It’s an alt history Imperial Japan where 90% of the male population was killed by a plague, meaning a their social structure’s had to undergo massive changes.  Ouran High Host Club by Bisco Hatori is a humor series starring a plain-spoken, motivated girl who ends up cross-dressing and serving as a “host” (male escort who provides romantic, but not sexual, attention to women) to pay back a debt with a bunch of her oddball (male) fellow students.  I’m also fond of Kurada and Yamata’s Read or Die, about an absentminded bibliophilic superhero who can create weapons etc. out of whatever bits of paper she finds around her.




The SDCC Female Furies revisited, courtesy of cosplay photog extraordinaire LJinto.

(This post dedicated to @idlovetobebardafree - she knows why!)

Amazing & gorgeous ladies.


What is your favorite comic? (Submitted by andautomobiles)

My favorite ongoing is currently Captain America (now Captain America & Bucky), because it has been consistently well-written and well-drawn, and because Cap has been one of my favorite characters for a long time. I am always excited to see a new issue on the racks, and its one of the few books that I will brave running off between classes to pick up.

My favorite trade is certainly Marvels. Specifically, it’s the first few pages of the collected trade that detail the birth of the Human Torch. Beyond being about my absolute favorite character, the story is, itself, beautifully done, and a wonderful setup for the rest of the book.

What is your favorite comic? (Submitted by pluckyredhead)

The first series I ever read start to finish was DC’s Impulse and it’s still my very favorite.  It was funny and smart and really heartwrenching at times, and easy for a noob to get into.  The art was cartoony and the writing was joyful and I was pretty bummed to discover that not all comics are that good.

Honorable mention goes to the first Blue Beetle series starring Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle v6, I believe) and the recently-canceled Stephanie Brown Batgirl series.  (Clearly I have a thing for funny, heartwarming comics about plucky young people.)  My favorite trade is The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, and my favorite comic strip of all time is Calvin and Hobbes.